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Proper Maintenance of Trailers


A trailer is an unpowered vehicle that is towed by a powered vehicle mostly used for the transport of goods and materials. Trailers can be made for various uses such as personal use with any powered vehicle that have an appropriate hitch. Some other trailers can be part of large trucks referred to as semi-trailer trucks for transportation of cargo. Some smaller trailers can be towed by an available truck or van requiring no special permit other than just a driver's license. Other trailers like the utility trailers and travel trailers come in single and multiple axle varieties to allow for different sizes of a tow vehicle.


A trailer hitch is usually needed to draw a trailer with a car or a truck and is in different forms. A ball and socket one where the trailer coupler securing the trailer to the towing vehicle is attached to the trailer ball forming a ball and socket connection to allow for movement between them. Fifth wheel and gooseneck is another one used for big tex equipment trailerand provides more stability where trailers are attached to a coupler mounted on the axle within the bed of the tow vehicle. A trailer jack is used to lift the trailer to a height that allows it to be hitched or unhitched to and from the towing vehicle.


There are various problems that affect trailers such as under-inflation of the tires, the trailers maybe out of sight mostly for those that travel long distances hence minimal maintenance, mechanical problems such as tire misalignment and induced flaws and failures such as mismatched tires where one might be having a larger diameter than the other. Some other problem that affects trailers is brake malfunction. Break malfunction may cause problems like balance problems where the truck pulls distinctly to one side or the other and timing problem since brakes are supposed to apply and release in order, rear first.


Repair and service of trailer sparesand tow vehicles are quite important to avoid problems brought about by the problems. Service for trailers and tow vehicles is a series of maintenance procedure done at a time interval or after it has traveled a certain distance or can be done as specified by the manufacturer. Maintenance service can include various activities such as replacement of the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, spark plugs, changing the engine, checking the level of brake fluid and refilling among others. Repairing is basically improving or fixing a damaged condition in the tow vehicle or the trailer.


Regular repair and service maintenance will ensure that the tow vehicle and trailer are working properly and also for safety reason mostly for the brakes. Regular service will also reduce the cost of repairs. Once you experience any trouble, it is important to have it checked immediately to avoid any major damage. To read more about the benefits of Mobile Trailer Repair, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trailer_park.